Just-in-Time Inventory

Fasteel supplies many of our clients with steel inventory on a just-in-time (JIT) basis.

Our clients enjoy the flexibility of having their material delivered on a JIT basis. This avoids storage at their facility, unnecessary material handling and it also helps with cash flow, as less working capital is tied up in storing steel that is not yet ready to be processed.

Most importantly, our JIT stocking program give our clients the confidence to operate ‘lean’, knowing their steel will be there when they need it, in the configuration they require and with all mill certs they require.

Let us stock, cut and deliver your steel to keep your facilities focused on manufacturing and reduce the capital you have tied up in inventory. That’s smart supply chain management…..and it’s FAST.

Procurement Solutions

Fasteel has a long history of direct steel mill buying and is able to leverage its purchasing power for our customers.

If you have a big job or a big order or a regular consumer of specialty steel, let us help you navigate the global steel markets and tap into our 40+ years of sourcing products domestically and internationally. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer both domestic and import material in multiple grades on the majority of our products while meeting your timeframes.

Processing and Kitting

Kitting is an important value added service that enhances our steel cutting and delivery capabilities.

For longer-run fabrication jobs or manufacturing operations we are able to deliver kitted and packaged processed steel to our clients. Organized parts in wrapped or unwrapped packaging can save you time and money when it comes to receiving, sorting and preparing parts for assembly or installation.